Saturday, March 13, 2010

The No ID, No Entry Man of Surigao State College of Technology

The happiest people are those who love what they are doing regardless whether they can achieve wealth, fame, and power or can not.

With the six thousands monthly compensation working as the school’s security guard, being looked down by many sometimes, will you find happiness in your heath? You may not, but Mr. Alilo P. Ga had managed to draw a big smile in his heart despite all the hardships he encountered from his past life. He heartedly accepted the simple life that God has provided him and his family, and at the same time inspired others lives with his own tale to tell.

Kuya Alilo in his tender years and being the fourth born child of seven offsprings of Mr. Andres E. Ga, a fisherman, and Mrs. Rebecca P. Ga, a house keeper in the beautiful island of Dinagat was already a responsible lad. When he was thirteen, during weekends, he went fishing with his father. After the dreadful activity, he then watched over his younger siblings as his mother went selling those caught fishes he and his father brought home. During “Habagat”, fishermen had nothing to catch so, Kuya Alilo and his mother looked for another means to feed the whole family. They used to cross the wavy sea just to reach Barangay Wadas, Dinagat Islands to dig the soil just to get some “payao” for their meal.

At the age of seventeen, the newly graduate Kuya Alilo pushed his luck in the city of Surigao and attended Surigao del Norte School of Arts and Trades (SNSAT) with the course Civil Technology. Since drafting is really what his heart hunger for, after one year of taking CT he dropped it. For years, like any other mortals, he lost his desire to elevate his lifestyle and became a “tambay”. A cousin named Irene Ormega encouraged him to apply at Earth Security Agency as a security guard. With a strong desire to help his parents when it comes to money matters, he became a security guard of PALMA, a department store located in Surigao City for two years.

The holy sacrament of marriage was taken by twenty one year old Kuya Alilo with his chosen woman, Mary Ann. The couple was blessed with a baby named Marky Lou and another baby after three years named Almarose. In year 1997, Kuya Alilo was employed in Surigao State College of Technology, Surigao City under Tactical Expert Security and Protective Services, Inc. He was been serving SSCT for twelve years. All the sleepless nights of keeping the campus’ security intact was endured by him just to make his children’s future not to be left hanging as what he had. With God’s grace, his perseverance and sacrifices were not wasted because his first born child after graduating as a class Valedictorian in his Elementary years, just recently again honored as High School’s Valedictorian and gain full scholarship at St. Paul University Surigao. His baby girl, a Valedictorian also back in her Elementary days was proclaimed first honor in first year high school class.

Truly, the 38 year old security guard’s is worth inspiring. The beauty of his life begins with hope, hope that serves as his guidance and inspiration not towards his success but to his dear children. Indeed, this “No ID, No Uniform, No Entry” man of Surigao State College of Technology is not just an ordinary person but an extra ordinary one.

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